The best stocks

Welcome to my website On this website i will list the stocks that have been the best buys during the last 15 years. Here you will find past, present and future rockets that can earn you a lot of money.  Buying stocks that have done well during the last 10 years does not guarantee success for the future.

You should always be looking for stocks that offer good prospects for the future regardless of their past.  Remember that the stocks that are most likely to be the next rocket will usually be associated with a lot of risk.  You should therefore only invest a small part of your portfolio in shares you think might become the next rocket.  It is very risky to invest a lot of money in future rockets since many of the potential rockets implode on the launchpad and cost their investors a lot of money.

The Best stocks during the last 10 years

Many of the stocks on this list have been very volatile during their rise and have therefore been  good choices both for those focusing on day trading stocks and for long term investors.

RankCompany10 year gain
1Medivation Inc+5,498.63%
2The Priceline Group+5,056.28%
3Biospecifics Technologies Corp+4,908.00%
4NeoGenomics Inc+3,195.24%
5Regeneron Pharmaceuticals+3,128.37%
6Keurig Green Mountain+3,082.55%
15Illumina Inc+1,440.76%

Investing in stocks

Stocks have been the best investment during the last century and will remain so for a long time to come. The best way to built a small fortune is to invest in good strong companies that offer a good dividend to their owners.  Developing stocks like the ones above can give you a very high return but I firmly believe that the bulk of any portfolio should be invested in more matures companies with established sales and revenue.

Good dividend stocks will give you a stable return as well a a yearly divined that you can use to buy new shares or to pay your day to day expenses.

Do not try to be to smart when you invest. It is impossible to consistently pick the best stocks. It is also impossible to consistently hit the tops and the lows.  Invest using a long term strategy and ignore the daily movements on the stock market.  You will need to be willing to spend a lot of time analyzing the stock market if you want to try to predict and profit from all movements.  It is not worth the effort for most traders.

It is also important that you do not get to greedy.  This is true when you invest in stock, warrants, bonds, CFD:s, binary options and all other financial instruments. Any stock or binary options trader will tell you that you are very likely to lose a lot of money if you start chasing larger profits.  Stay patient and let the profits come to you.

Robin Hood – Free Trading

Robin hood is a American company that allow you to trade stocks for free through your cell phone.  They do not charge any commission and is ideal for people that want to build a diverse portfolio even though they have limited funds.  Robin Hood makes it possible to buy a single share of a company. Something that is very cost ineffective in companies that charge a commission. If you trade using a company that charge you a commission you often have to make larger transaction to be able to money. If you do not the commission eats up too much of your potential profits.

Robin hood earn their money from the interest rate they can earn on your liquid funds that you deposited to your account.  The company is well funded and is about the expand to Europe.

Other financial instruments

You will often see advertising online and magazines that promotes investments that offer many times the return that you can expect to get when you invest in stocks.  Forex trading and binary options are two examples of such investments.   Almost all investments of this type are very risky and do not suit the long term investor. They are more suitable for short time speculation. Lets look at the two examples above.  When ever you buy a binary option  you risk losing your entire investment.  There are only two outcomes. You earn about 90% or you loose your entire investment.  You can usually not close you position early. Forex investment are even more risky since you can loose an infinite amount of money. You can loose more than your investment, more than you deposited to your account.

We recommend that you stick to low and moderate risk stock investment with a good dividend strategy instead of getting lured into more exotic investments.