Baidu Inc (BIDU)

baiduBaidu Inc is listed on Nasdaq where it is traded as BIDU.

Baidu Inc is most famous for their Chinese-language search platform ( The Baidu search engine helps Chinese-language web users find content online, including web pages, images, multimedia files and documents. Baidu’s offer of vertical search-based products includes Maps, Video Search, Image Search, New Search, and more.

In addition to the search platform, Baidu Inc also power several community-based products, such as:

  • Baidu PostBar, the world’s largest Chinese-language query-based searchable online community platform
  • Baidu Knows, the world’s largest Chinese-language interactive knowledge-sharing platform
  • Baidu Encyclopedia, the world’s largest Chinese-language user-generated encyclopedia (only registered users can enter or change content)
  • Baidu Experience, a platform where users can share their experiences

Examples of other online services offered by Baidu:

  • Baidu Web Directory
  • (web directory navigation site)
  • Baidu Group Buy Directory
  • Baidu Open Platform
  • Baidu News
  • Baidu personalized homepage (customizable landing page)
  • Baidu Space (personalized homepage)
  • Baidu Share (helps users share web content at social networking sites and communities)
  • Baidu WenKu (online document sharing platform, for PDF, Excel, Word, etc)
  • Baidu Map Search
  • Baidu Shenbian (user location based search for local restaurants and other facilities)
  • Baidu Ting! (free music portal for streaming and download)
  • Baidu MP3 Search
  • Baidu TT Player (software for playing multi-format audio files)
  • Baidu Media Player (software for playing audio and video)
  • Baidu Reader (reader for various document formats)
  • Baidu Browser
  • Baidu Toolbar
  • Baidu Input Method Editor
  • Baidu Companion
  • Baidu Hi (instant messaging)
  • Baidu Patent Search (operated in cooperation with the China Patent Information Center under the People’s Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office)
  • Baidu Translation (online translation of texts and web pages; Chinese ↔ Japanese and Chinese ↔ English are available)
  • Baidu Missing Person Search

baidu inc


Recently, Baidu has launched a lot of products specially designed for mobile devices. Examples: Baidu Mobile Browser, Baidu Mobile Search, Baidu Mobile App Search, Baidu PhotoWonder, Baidu Yi, Baidu Palm, Baidu Contacts, Baidu Mobile Phone Input Method, and Baidu Netdisk.


Examples of services offered by Baidu on the Japanese market: Japanese Web Search, Japanese Image Search, Japanese Video Search, Japanese Mobile Search, Baidu Type (Japanese input method for PC), Simeji (Japanese imput method for Android)

Associated or Cooperative Websites

Examples: iQivi Internet TV, Youa, Leho

Purchasing shares directly from the company?

Baidu has a direct stock purchase plan available to all investors, including investors that are not currently owning stock in Baidu.

Dividends planned?

Baidu has never payed any dividends in the past. At the time of writing, the company has no plans to pay any cash dividends on its ordinary shares in the foreseeable future. The plan is instead to retain available funds and future earnings and use them to operate and expand Baidu’s business.

What is this company selling?

Using the Baidu web search platform is free of charge. Instead, Baidu sells online marketing services, including sponsored links and the display of advertisements on Baidu sites and affiliated sites. Baidu Union is a program through which Baidu expands distribution of its customer’s sponsored links by leveraging traffic directed from Baidu Union members.

Baidu’s client stock is, at the time of writing, chiefly made up by Chinese companies of all sizes (small, medium and large) and Chinese-focused divisions of very large non-China based multinational companies.

Background & Future

  • Baidu was founded in the year 2000 by Robin Li.
  • Baidu went public on August 5, 2005, on NASDAQ. The offering price at Baidu’s IPO was 27 USD.
  • The upgraded marketing platform Phoenix Nest was launched by Baidu in April 2009.
  • In 2010, Baidu changed the ratio of its American depositary shares (ADSs) representing Class A ordinary shares from one (1) ADS for one (1) share to ten (10) ADSs for one (1) share. This change took effect on May 12, 2010.
  • In 2011, Baidu acquired 62.01% of the interest in Qunar.
  • In 2013, Baidu acquired online video provider PPS.
  • Baidu has offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai and major cities in the Guangdong Province), Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Brazil, and Egypt.

Practical info

Company type Public company
Industry Internet
Founded 2000
Headquartered Beijing, China

Contact information

Baidu Inc

Baidu Campus

No. 10, Shangdi 10th Street

Haidian District
Beijing 100085

Phone #: +86-10-5992-8888
Fax #: +86-10-5992-0000

Email address:

Transfer agent

Maples Finance Limited

P.O. Box 1093GT,

Queensgate House

South Church Street
George Town, Grand Cayman